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Trunk load of groceries!

by Kiran on May 16, 2010 · 5 comments

in Chevy, Reviews

The Girls On The Go campaign is being sponsored by Southern Chevy Dealers who gave me and the chosen bloggers a 2010 Chevy Malibu to test drive for one month and blog about our experiences using the vehicle. Girlfriend Getaway has given us some fun projects to do and provided us with gift cards to allow us to do this.

As a Girlfriend Getaway Florida’s official blogger, my experience thus far is truly amazing. Firstly, test-driving the 2010 Chevy Malibu for a month, then a TV commercial! Mind boggling, I know 🙂 If you are located in the Orlando area, tune in channel WESH 2 for my hysterical commercial. For every one else around the world, families and friends, presenting Kiran with a hysterical laugh:

If you are done laughing, can I continue? 😉

So, the Chevy Malibu week 1 mission was grocery shopping. Enjoy my post and video below and do visit our official blog to check out what other Girls on the Go are blogging about! Tell me, what do you think of my Chevy experiences thus far?


Mission grocery usually takes place on the day when I have to run errands such as post office, banking etc. You know, the normal homemaker drift 😉 So how do I ensure that my produce stays fresh and cool while simultaneously running gazillion errands before I reach home? Introducing… my infamous “Coleman cooler” to the rescue!

The day normally begins by giving the hubby a ride to work. Yes, we have to share one car. But I have my Chevy Malibu for a month now, so less cat-fight with hubby for the driver’s seat 😀

I love the XM Radio powered by Bose, ease of Onstar feature and of course the heated seats for chilly winters. And the leather seats? It is not just huge but so comfortable and luxurious!

You would think that a Sedan could compromise on the overall size and space. Think again! I was amaze at the trunk size of the Chevy Malibu! It has loads of space! A ladder could easily fit onto the extended space. Enough of me blabbering, let the video speak for itself 😉 Go easy on me folks, this is my first attempt at video editing – considered warned 😀

Do you like what you see my beloved readers? Visit your Southern Chevy dealer in Florida, Test drive any new Chevy, and receive a 1 hour complimentary massage from Massage Envy! Hello! Who doesn’t want a free massage??!!


1 Veeru Sahasrabuddhe May 17, 2010 at 5:47 PM

Great video but I feel there was too much praise for the car. I know you got a gift card LOL but maybe a little more insight and a brief overview of the things you didnt like that much would have been nice. Yes, the Malibu is a great car but it still needs to garner some customer love by proving that is indeed a great car given GM’s reputation lately. Cool idea with the Coleman, loved it. I’d go easy on the plastic bags though 😉 Overall, an excellent job. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time with the Malibu.


2 Kiran June 14, 2010 at 2:05 AM

Thanks for your comment Veeru, and welcome to Chatterbox.

Of course there were a couple of minor cosmetics interior of Malibu that I did not like. But just on the surface. To highlight it would be merely amateurish. I was approached by Chevrolet not to “sell” or “pitch” on their product, but to share my overall experience as a consumer. Selling is their job, not mine. Overall, it was a fun experience.

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