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Hello, I am Kiran Srivastava. Commonly known as the Chatterbox in the family. Ten years ago, I met Tarun (the Hubby) and we instantaneously fell in love. Our life so far, has been a roller coaster ride. From Malaysia and India, we begun our journey as husband and wife to America.

I started blogging our journey since 2007 for our families back in our homelands. When we are not busy blogging, you will find me working on recipes, photography, learning web designing, indulging in occasional twittering & facebooking!

Admittedly, I am a scatter-brained, often forgetful and not willing to admit that I am over 30 years old now. I am always 29 :) But I love my husband, our family, life and living abroad – not that it has anything to do with Ricky Gervais’s show.

Some random facts about yours truly:

  • Born in the land of Malaysia, truly Asia on April 6th.
  • 3rd child of 4 in the family. I have two elder sisters and one little (brat) brother.
  • Completed my MBA via distance learning. It’s not easy, but I did it.
  • Love to cook, eat and feed others.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve jungle trekked.
  • Love traveling, swimming, cycling, reading and recipe testing.
  • Been caught with drama/serials/tv series bug lately. GLEE fan. Huge.

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Living abroad is like a new birth to life. Learning to take baby steps all over again.


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