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February 2012

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Flying phobia!

February 22, 2012 Asides

One would think after living here in the US for close to 6 years now and having a sister who worked in the airlines for many years would have actually cured my flying phobia. MMmmmm… WRONG!!!

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The proposal

February 16, 2012 Marriage

Happy [belated] Valentine’s Day <3 I hope the gifts for him and her had you inspired to get out and be creative with your gifts this year. If you are curious, we bought each other the monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie — but I have my eyes on the jewelry frame. Gotta make it soon. I’ve […]

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Valentine inspirations {for her}

February 11, 2012 Celebration

I know what you are thinking. Why the heck we need inspirations for her? There’s gazillions gift options to choose from, so I am here to make you live your life so much more easier. Just thank me later, ok? 😀 And let’s just be honest here. Since I’ve listed my top picks for [him] […]

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Valentine inspirations {for him}

February 8, 2012 Celebration

Hello! I’ve been slacking in this department for quite some time now and there’s no excuse. Well, there’s tons if it involves dirtying my hands, kitchen and dishes over at my foodblog. What can I say? I eat to blog, and sadly my waist is not forgiving me either. And nope, I don’t intend to […]

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