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by Kiran on December 15, 2011 · 25 comments

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Back after some hiatus — no excuses, just wasn’t feeling well. Quite a random post, but promise to be back full in force, soonish 😀

Love it when..

i can kick up my legs, enjoy a cuppa hot chocolate and watch IronMan. Not a classic for the holidays, but I love action movies.

Hate it when…

i can’t taste the hot chocolate with a nasty cold and fever.

Love it when..

the weather is finally chill after a long, draggy and dreadful summer.

Hate it when..

the heater is on, instead. Expect to pay higher bills.

Love it when..

boots are made for walking.

Hate it when..

it is now necessary to put on layers of clothes. I feel heavy.


Love it when..

the thought of mom and dad finally travelling together to meet their grandson. It’s long overdue.

Hate it when..

they aren’t making a trip to the US. Just the Netherlands and UK, to visit my sisters and the kiddos.

Love it when..

the carpet are steamed cleaned.

Hate it when..

it was soaking wet for a whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Happy Love-Hate week 😀 What are you loving-hating at the moment? Spill the beans..

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