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New Delhi

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Travelogue Part 5 – The return

October 12, 2009 Travels

…from India. My first ever trip, filled with many joy, laughter, meeting new and exciting family’s and friends. The bustling city of New Delhi has so much to offer. I had my fair of joy riding on a  rickshaw and auto. It was chock-filled with thrilling experiences. From dinner parties, to endless shopping and indulgence […]

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New Delhi Blast

September 13, 2008 World

Oh my god! I can never fathom what has just happened. My in laws, families and friends are in Delhi, and thank god they are all doing fine and well. Our thought and prayers goes out to the ones affected and hoping for the safety of the rest, as we all try to digest what […]

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India… here we come!

September 9, 2008 Q & A

Been occupied for many days now. I have a few more thesis to complete before the semester break. That’s a relief. We are also planning a trip to India early ’09. I can hardly contain myself. It’s my first trip ever! I am very excited! But I would need some suggestions: Venue: New Delhi & […]

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