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Living Abroad

February 8, 2011 Q & A

.. is like a new chapter in your life. Learning to take baby steps all over again. Well, not really baby steps. But sometimes I truly wish it was easier. When we moved to the States a few years ago, Hubby was assigned as a Software Professional and I instantly immersed myself in completing my […]

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Part 2 – A visit to the Astronaut Hall of Fame

December 9, 2009 Q & A

There has been so much going on in our lives recently, thus the absence from blogosphere. A lot to write and share. But let’s first continue where I left. Continuing from our trip to NASA recently, we proceeded to the Astronaut Hall of Fame. PSA warning yet again – this is a lengthy-photo-post. Don’t steal, […]

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QotD: Recession or Depression?

October 15, 2008 Q & A

We are all feeling the effects of the market crash. Some people have lost a lot in the market in terms of 401K and some have lost their jobs as well. So now that we are all into it together, the most important question is – When is this going to end? And the answer […]

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India… here we come!

September 9, 2008 Q & A

Been occupied for many days now. I have a few more thesis to complete before the semester break. That’s a relief. We are also planning a trip to India early ’09. I can hardly contain myself. It’s my first trip ever! I am very excited! But I would need some suggestions: Venue: New Delhi & […]

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Happy 51st Malaysia — Tag 2

August 30, 2008 Asides

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysians! This year is a little special to me as it would be my first post on Malaysia Independence Day since the day I started blogging. So, let’s make it extra special shall we? I fetched this idea from a web-friend of mine, Lemonade. But instead of answering all the […]

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