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The proposal

by Kiran on February 16, 2012 · 17 comments

in Marriage

Happy [belated] Valentine’s Day <3 I hope the gifts for him and her had you inspired to get out and be creative with your gifts this year.

If you are curious, we bought each other the monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie — but I have my eyes on the jewelry frame. Gotta make it soon.

I’ve been reading so many marriage proposal stories and recaps recently and it makes me think about our story. For long time readers, you might have read about our love story. We aired our dirty laundry with stories on eloping, discussion on love & arranged marriage, post marriage realizations etc.

But I haven’t told you about how he proposed to me for marriage.

Geez, what took me so long?

Anyways, so the whole idea of eloping sounds fun, scary & dangerous, no? There’s often a lot of planning involved including anticipations from the ladies — expecting when she would get the proposal and how he would eventually plan and execute the whole proposal.

Well, I was not one of them. Sounds boring, yes?

Of course, I’ve dream about my prince charming, how we would meet and fall in love — the whole jazz. But I’ve never actually thought about how, when and where he would propose.

In fact, I think I might have “suggested” marriage at one point. He agreed and we didn’t discuss about it, until much later.

The advantage of eloping definitely took the edge and pressure of him to officially “propose“. After all, it was OUR idea to elope. We took the decision to get married, together. I guess, you could say we proposed to each other 😀

I feel there’s too much of cliche and demand in the society for similarities in certain ritual. Proposal is one of many. Taking a vow is something so personal and sacred, and for us to be able to take a decision on this subject “together”, was just as important as breathing.

From there on, we are leading our lives basically making decisions together. It’s not something that we spat and shook hands too — but its what we love doing for each other.

Don’t get me wrong — I am not against marriage proposals, engagements, etc. I did help my brother in law pick out a ring for my sister and help him plan the shebang of a marriage proposal. What I am trying to say is I am glad Tarun did not officially propose to marriage like the society expects from him. WE did it our way, where we comfortably discussed our logistics about marriage planning. After all circumstance, at that time, were the deciding factor of why we chose this unorthodox method of marriage proposal.

Conclusion: there weren’t any official marriage proposal ( so sorry, i don’t have any sappy proposal stories to share ), no fancy engagement/marriage ring (I do wear the ring he bought me when we first proclaimed our love), zero professional marriage portraits, no bachelorette/bachelor party galore, no official wedding and definitely NO one bit of regret :)

I agree this is not for every one, so I am open to hear your thoughts about eloping, marriage and decision making with your significant other. Share your story with us :)

I am aware this is a short beginning for an important subject. Would love to continue this discussion as it progress, in another blog post. So for now…tell me,

Who proposed & how are you making decisions as a couple, etc? Any proposal stories you want to disclose? 😀

Now for something fun, did you catch Google’s Doodle for Valentines’ Day this year? It melts my heart!!


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