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Marie Claire’s hypocrisy

by Kiran on October 5, 2010 · 1 comment

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To Editor of Marie Claire,

I met many wonderful bloggers in my blogging adventure. Of course not all of them maintain just a personal journal. But some of them share their daily day-to-day activities as healthy living and fitness bloggers. Caitlin and Meghann touched and changed many lives with not just their daily chronology of healthy living, eating and fitness routines. But the quirkiness of their world. Something many of us bloggers can relate to.

We share our lives, recipes, what we did on a holiday etc. We share our stories.  Not expert advices. Very unlikely to be manipulated by a stranger. Or an outrageous and irresponsible magazine such as Marie Claire. Personally, I’ve never attacked anyone that posts negative comments or emails. But this time Marie Claire has gone to far. Don’t underestimate me just because I am a nice person.

Katie Drummond wrote an article that was published by Marie Claire a few days ago. It was so hurtful to read this slanderous article slamming the integrity of my favorite bloggers. Caitlin, Meghann and the other 4 bloggers are examples of empowered women in the 21st century by putting themselves out there, blogging about how they chose to have a healthy living. Setting a “yes, we can do it” example. There is certainly a sense of community amongst them and their readers.

Blaming these healthy living bloggers only ridicule Marie Claire’s roles in fueling issues surrounding eating disorders and negative body image. I believe Marie Claire should reflect on itself before criticizing others. It’s hypocritical to attack these bloggers when most of your models are a SIZE ZERO and your magazine does encourage negative body image with a virtual weight loss tool on your website. What healthy image is Marie Claire attempting to reflect to their readers? Not to forget, airbrushing, photo-shopping, fitness tricks and what not? I am not disregarding the issues we have in our society. But taking quotes out of context to support your accusations simply shows the support your organization upholds towards unethical journalism. SHAME ON YOU!

After months of so-called Drummond’s carefully researched opinions, these are MINE! Drummond certainly destroyed her credibility by being an unethical journalist with untrue “research”. Do a fact check, repent, apologize and retract this slanderous article.


Kiran – A healthy mind, body and soul blogger.

Photo creditSummer diet plan: Eat your way skinny. Negative body image promoted by Marie Claire. My opinion.

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