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2010 Travelogue Part 1 – Chaos

by Kiran on May 13, 2010 · 12 comments

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A very long overdue post about my recent travels to Malaysia, India and Amsterdam. But a must share of experiences that I encountered along the way.

First up, packing continued till the last minute. Left for the airport. Arrived at the check-in counter. Rummaged into handbag for my air-ticket. Go figure. Of course we left it at home! Nervous to the teeth!!! Hubby rushed home…Found the ticket, rushed to the air-port and low-behold, made it to the gate just minutes to spare 😀 Was sad that me and hubby had less time to spend before my flight. Orbitz issued me book tickets instead of an e-ticket. And yes, it’s unexplainable!

Nine hours to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam for my connecting flight to Malaysia. It was uncomfortable. And not without a drama. The book-ticket continues to haunt. I arrived barely 1.5 hours before my connecting flight to find the transfer counters empty! Gosh! I needed a boarding pass, it can’t be so difficult right? While dragging my luggage, I ran all the way to the other end of the airport to gather more information for the next flight. And what do I get? A frumpy-grumpy attendant explaining the reason why she gave away my chosen seat on flight.

The grumpy conversation:

Flight attendant (FA): Hi, your ticket?

Me: (too groggy and lousy from the jet-lag).. hhmm, what? Oh yeah, here is my book ticket. Why isn’t there anyone tending at the transfer desks?

FA: I was there 2.5 hours ago! You are late and I have released your window seat! All window seats are taken!

Me: { Flabbergasted! There is still an hour to flight} Your tone is too rude missy. And for your information, this is my connecting flight. Even if I were to jump off the plane, I can promise you that my swimming skills wouldn’t help me arriving here 2.5 hours ago! I demand to speak to your manager. And can you please be so kind and hand me a complaint form or something? Your customer service skills are much appreciated 😀

FA: Gimme a minute!

Me: Take your time, I am too tired to argue now 😉

Sigh. I went and took a seat awaiting to board the plane. A tap on the shoulder and the Manager on duty apologized instead of handing over a complaint form or explaining the atrocious behavior her staff displayed.  I was assigned a window seat finally. Any window seat is fine, not aisle! That amounts to jinxing my departure 😀

In summary, there is no harm in demanding. In a gentle gesture. Or so I thought!

Touchdown at KLIA Malaysia in the wee hours after 12.5 hours of flight. With horrid, battered and bruised face I was ready to hit the sack. Met parents at the arrival hall. Hugs and kisses. Arrived home and slept all the day. Mummy’s cooking lingered and I knew I am back into the arms of my loved ones :) Sadly, left a piece of my heart in Orlando.

To be continued… This was just the beginning of a wonderful vacation!

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