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May 2010

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Tranquility & pampering

May 28, 2010 Chevy

My idea of a girlfriend getaway would be me and my girlfriends ditching our daily responsibilities to our husbands, disappear to Bora Bora island, swim, relax and rejuvenate with endless massages. A wishful thinking 😉 But thanks to Southern Chevy dealers, we were able to at least fulfill one of our dreamy getaway wish. As […]

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Travelogue Part 2 – Countdown to 2010!

May 20, 2010 Family & Friends

I’ve been so busy lately that I forgot to mention the main reason for my trip back home recently.  My sister (J) was pregnant then 😀 Yes, she was expecting and now a mother of sweet and adorable baby boy! As siblings, we are very close with each other. My sister makes an effort to […]

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Broadway's Spring Awakening tour!

May 17, 2010 Advertorial

Winner of 8 Tony awards, Spring Awakening is in town people! An adaptation of the controversial 1891 German play of the same title by Frank Wedekind, Spring Awakening raises awareness about teen pregnancy, teen suicide, and better communication between parents and teens. The opening tonight is tomorrow and I would be there as well 🙂 […]

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Trunk load of groceries!

May 16, 2010 Chevy

As a Girlfriend Getaway Florida’s official blogger, my experience thus far is truly amazing. Firstly, test-driving the 2010 Chevy Malibu for a month, then a TV commercial! Mind boggling, I know 🙂 If you are located in the Orlando area, tune in channel WESH 2 for my hysterical commercial. For every one else around the […]

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2010 Travelogue Part 1 – Chaos

May 13, 2010 Family & Friends

A very long overdue post about my recent travels to Malaysia, India and Amsterdam. But a must share of experiences that I encountered along the way. First up, packing continued till the last minute. Left for the airport. Arrived at the check-in counter. Rummaged into handbag for my air-ticket. Go figure. Of course we left […]

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