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Knock! Knock!

by Kiran on January 20, 2015 · 2 comments

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… who’s there?


Kiran, who?

The one who abandoned this personal space of mine for a very long time — more than 2 years to be exact.


But I’m back. Slowly easing into updating this personal space. But on the food front, I’ve been pretty busy and regular. So, if you love food as much or more, you can drool here where I’ve been betraying my personal chit-chats for delicious recipes, regularly.

And if you are still here, waiting patiently all years time for my personal updates, I OWE YOU A HUGE HUG! There is no excuse for not updating a space where I’ve loved sharing with you all. We’ve traveled so much ever since the last post on New York City, and I’ll be updating it all very soon.

We’ve shed so much tears, happiness, anxieties, anxiousness, laughter…etc… So many emotions since my last update.

Once again, thanks for your support, encouraging emails and thoughtful comments. Apart from our regular updates, what type of posts are you interested in? Let me know if you have any specific idea.

Happy 2015 and cheers to more blogging this year 😉


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Road trip to New York City

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