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Vanilla Bean Macarons

April 2, 2015 Baking

It was the Husband’s birthday last week. His wish for his birthday this year was low-key and no cake. Yep, that’s my birthday boy. In all seriousness and sarcasm push aside, I had to plan something. So what do you make for a birthday, where the request was low-key and no cake?

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Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

April 22, 2014 Baking

Baking for two can be a daunting task. The average size of a homemade cake is usually 8 or 9 inch in diameter. Which translates to “dangerous” for both of our ever expanding waists. It’s always a challenge to try and fit a cake recipe into a 6 inch cake pan.

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Chocolate Granola

December 13, 2013 Baking

Hi friends!! I’m sure many of you are in the Christmas spirit, putting up the tree, shopping for gifts etc. I’m simply recuperating from a very bad sinus, cold, flu and migraine. But that excuse isn’t enough to stop me from the excitement of celebrating our nephew’s birthday tomorrow!!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

April 9, 2013 Baking

Cookies? A shocker, right? The humidity is lesser these days and it was my birthday last weekend — and that ensued for a perfect excuse to try my hands at baking. Again. Who needs a cake when there’s cookies? Not me! 😀

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Coconut Cream Cake

March 26, 2013 Baking

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! The Husband turned a year wiser yesterday. And I baked him a 6 inch coconut cream cake. My few baking disasters happened last weekend, but I won’t dwell too much into it. This is after all, a post about the Husband and his birthday celebration. He’d be the center of today’s […]

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