October 2015

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Kesar Peda {Saffron Milk Fudge}

October 30, 2015 Desserts

Happy Karva Chauth! I got this post all typed up and ready to go-live yesterday, but alas, the site was down. I guess it’s never too late to make fudge since its just as easy as making a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. But funner and so festive!

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Nan Khatai {Eggless Meltaway Cardamom Cookies}

October 21, 2015 Baking

I am sitting in a cafe, sipping my latte and typing away, not realizing I left my notepad at home. A notepad that contains scribblings of recipe for nan khatai sits on the desk in my office, at home. 25o miles away. 250 miles away!

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Coconut & Dried Cherry Scones

October 6, 2015 Baking

Afternoon tea has to be one of my favorite time to unwind. With tea, petite sandwiches and of course, the occasional scones. Halved and slathered with thick cold european butter and jam — the whole eating experience makes up for any mishaps. No thanks to the British invasion, I need scones in my life. Periodically.

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