January 2012

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Roasted Beet Salad

January 31, 2012 Salads

Can someone please explain how is it possible that it’s already January the 31st of 2012? I mean, it’s practically mind-boggling, no? It almost feels like we are living in a time warp or something — where time seems to escape like a bullet train each day. Since February 14th is approaching fast as well, […]

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Citrusy Champagne Sangria

January 27, 2012 Beverages

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! We had a 5 pound bag of grapefruits staring at us for days. That usually happens only when produce are on huge sale and we kinda go amok to store as though as the world would suddenly be deprived of grapefruits. At least, BJ’s went deprived of one huge bag, thanks to me.

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Spiced Chicken w/ Pomegranate Arils

January 24, 2012 Chicken

Hey friends, Happy National Peanut Butter Day!!! I forgot about this day today, but I have an equally (or more) delicious recipe 🙂 There’s something about handling raw meat which is so unappealing. It’s slimy, often bloody, bones and fats running all over — ewww!!! I know, a food blogger having doubts and ick! factor […]

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Palak Paneer

January 20, 2012 Indian

Phew! I feel much better now. Thanks for all the comments my dear friend. You rock! <3 The only matter I am still struggling close to a month right now is cough. I’ve tried anything and everything but it just doesn’t go away. The house gets very quiet since the Husband works remote and the […]

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Raw Kohlrabi & Grapefruit Salad

January 17, 2012 Salads

There’s shivers everywhere. Cold front has finally struck and there I am posting a “chilled” recipe. Don’t hate me for the fact that this recipe was created when the sun was shining oh so brightly here in Florida — but the nightfalls are as nightmarish-ly cold as one can imagine. So, it’s a lose-lose for everyone. Well, […]

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