May 2011

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Bhindi Masala

May 29, 2011 Indian

Good morning!!! It’s rare for a foodie/recipe post early Sunday morning. But I’ve been unwell these past few weeks and there’s a lot to catch up from my kitchen into yours. The star of today’s recipe is OKRA! Not everyone loves this slimy and tasteless vegetable, albeit there are many recipes out there to zone […]

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Meetup at Anthony’s

May 12, 2011 Orlando

Confession: I am not so much of a pizza/cheese person. Overly cheesy and saucy pizza breaks the deal for me in a blink of an eye. I know, I am weird. That is why the flexibility of baking a pizza (with help of store-bought pizza dough) to suit our taste-buds is one way for us […]

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Eat your vegetables

May 6, 2011 Chinese

Because mummy said so 😉 It’s good for you and overall, your health. Contains high amount of nutrients, such as fiber. Crunchy and crisp stir fry vegetables always tastes good. BTW, if you are curious about my recent NASA TweetUp adventures, read all about it on the blog.

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