October 2010

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Chickpeas and edamame in coconut milk

October 29, 2010 Curries

I am one of those people who has not try the canned version of chickpeas. Knowing the taste and texture would still be the same – it would save so much of my prep and cooking time – I am much inclined to use the old method. Parboiling dried chickpeas from scratch. If you have […]

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Orange and cranberry bread

October 22, 2010 Baking

Apart from being a self-taught photographer, I have been into the baking scene for a while now. Though it’s nothing but mediocrity, if we can stomach the end product I guess it’s not that bad. Nothing like the scent of fresh bread baking away in the oven. I am bored with the same breads we […]

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Chicken meatballs with broccoli

October 8, 2010 Chicken

I‘ve never had meatballs before. Probably because it’s generally made with the combination of pork & beef. Being a lean meat eater, I try to switch up recipes to accommodate our taste buds. In this instance, my creation of chicken meatballs with broccoli. And the twist? It’s made with Oriental flavors. I am so into […]

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