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Things I am loving

August 10, 2012 Asides

Update: The sale on this beautiful necklace is extended until August 25th. Use code SummerLovin for 20% off! And I think you should too. Look at this gorgeous aqua necklace?!? Ah-mazing.

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You say goodbye, and I say hello

September 1, 2011 Asides

.. to September!! Out with the sweltering hot, in with the rain and crisp weather. Hoping hurricane season would die out soon. How time flies, it’s beyond my understanding. I am loving everyone’s comment from my last post, “the power of giving“. It is so refreshing to know that many of you are into charity and […]

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Diwali, the Festival of Lights

October 19, 2009 Celebration

… is celebrated on October 17th, 2009 that marks a very auspicious festivity in our life. With a whole amount of muscle needed in coping with cleaning, baking, cooking and rituals performed, surprisingly I am still in a very high festivity mood. We ushered in the celebration by adorning new clothes and the house is […]

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Travelogue Part 3 – Malaysia

August 29, 2009 Travels

Duration: 20th February – 7th March & 22nd Apr – 7th May 2009. My ♥ fluttered as the plane touched down on the tarmac of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Sigh, I truly missed the airport. Seriously. Before marriage, a major part of my life involves chauffeuring family and friends to and fro the KLIA […]

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Happy Independence India!

August 15, 2009 Celebration

India – a country with lush history, boundless spirits, cultural richness, abundance of humility and a haven of food. The list is long, but allow me to summarize it – there is nothing like our INDIA August 15th, it reminds us of our struggles and the responsibilities as a citizen. Though we are independent from […]

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