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In remembrance

September 13, 2011 World

of what took place 10 years ago. I recall talking to my mom and my then boyfriend while having dinner together. The news channel was on. And there was a major breaking news update. News anchor shouts, “a plane hits  into the World Trade Center!” I was numbed and immediately lost an appetite for Mom’s […]

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A painful tribute

March 11, 2011 Asides

Waking up to catastrophic news around the world is an unfathomable feeling. One can never imagine the lives that has been devastated by Japan’s earthquake and devastating tsunami this morning. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. Please be safe and weary of your surroundings. To pay our respects, a heartfelt […]

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On a serious note

June 10, 2010 Politics

Oil is gushing in the Gulf. Ocean life is massively devastated. Fishermen are going broke. Industries dependent on Gulf and Gulf oil are facing huge losses. So, who is to blame?  Who is responsible for drilling? Who is responsible for the rig? Who buys oil from them? Rig owner is Transocean. Rig contractor is Halliburton. […]

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Brain freeze…

May 21, 2009 World

I am back, but… with a major brain freeze! I know I am supposed to be back in the blogging world with a “BANG” and many travelogue posts. Unfortunately, I am hit with a bug. A very dangerous and undead bug which is referred to as –  “H1B sponsorship” bug. I am looking for help, […]

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In honor of our fallen heroes, around the world

December 1, 2008 World

I can’t stress enough the importance for each and every one of us to voice our opinions and thoughts, ethically. I am sure not only me, but there are others that would love to make a difference in life, just the methods are often incorrect or unavailable. I find that Facebook is a great platform […]

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