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March 10, 2011 Snippets

Many of you (including you, Mom) inquired about our daily routine. It’s actually a mish-mash that I’ve blogged about. Allow me to gather bit’s and pieces around the archives and hook you up:

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Bye 2009

December 30, 2009 Celebration

… with personal fond memories. I graduated with a MBA degree, healthy and happy! 2009 brought many adventures with traveling and meeting new people with different backgrounds and culture. It was a fun year and hoping for similar adventures in 2010. Times flies. Today would also mark our 2nd blog anniversary in the blogging world. […]

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Short Hiatus

December 27, 2009 Snippets

It’s been one of those crazy and busy month for me. I am currently back to Malaysia for 2 months. Missing hubby and Orlando already. Many incidents took place leading up to my journey back to Motherland. As a summary coz Internet here is failing me: a) Watched Avatar. One word to sum up – […]

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Chain letters & emails

August 18, 2009 Snippets

Those glorious days when I reel with anguish awaiting for Pa’s letter. Pa was pretty much working out station most of our child hood. We relied on snail-mail services as point of communication. But one day, things went awfully bad when I opened a letter addressed to Ma. It was a chain letter, something I […]

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Any progress?

July 30, 2009 Snippets

The first half of 2009 has surpassed without any warning. Time flies huh? I guess it’s time to revisit the ol’ new year resolutions I’d made. Why did I had to? Why? Anyways.. 1) Develop a new skill or revisit an old one. I’ve started a small cross-stitching project. Nothing huge, just to rekindle the […]

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