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Weekend productivity

by Kiran on June 2, 2011 · 12 comments

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Public Service Announcement

Caitlin, my blogging friend (blend) recently highlighted a plight to help a 32 year old mom who has a non-treatable brain cancer to raise funds for her chemo etc. Please join in the effort by donating. No amount is considered too small. Thank you so much.

Hello! I am back into regular, personal blogging after a short hiatus, thanks to NASA :) If you are visiting this blog from NASATweetup, here are my personal recaps of Shuttle Endeavour’s launch journey:

Day 1 – Houston, we have a problem

Day 2 – Scrubbed!

Day 3 & 4 – RSS Retraction & Lift Off!

DSLR or Camera Phone?

There are many times when I often contemplate carrying my huge and bulky DSLR. Even for a pleasant brunch or a casual weekend outing. Cell phone comes to rescue most of the time. All images below are taken with my eye-phone. Unless you follow me on Twitter, where I often tweet similar images on-the-go.

This was taken while watching STS134 Endeavour coverage on NasaTV

The quality isn’t that great using a camera phone…

Perfect brunch & outing weather

but love how much flexibility it gives if I were to forget lunging the DSLR, from one handbag to another. That’s another story 😀

Out on a brunch

Truth to be told, I find it least intimidating to photograph a friend’s meal with my phone. DSLR is just too huge for me to shove it at my friends face while he or she is devouring food. The fact that I could tweet/facebook immediately from my phone gives me the added advantage of using my eye-phone and not a point-and-shoot camera. Hoping I’ve cleared the mystery of not owning a point-and-shoot as a DSLR substitute.

Brunch: Waffles, my favorite breakfast!

H20 in a Coke glass - great drinking encouragement

Hubby's lunch: Chicken sandwich.

After brunch, we casually strolled along and witnessed an open auction in a huge furniture store. I won’t mention names, but was sad to witness the state of our economy. This was a well known store, selling exclusive merchandise and they were closing out. The prices sold during auction was shockingly low. We have a monthly spending budget, so this place was a huge NO for us. Not that we weren’t tempted to splurge! We’ve never been to an auction before and was shock at the speed of an auctioneer’s speech in offering bids, taking bids and then selling items to the highest bidder. I am sure that takes helluva breathing practice and loads of saliva.

Auction at one of well-known furniture store

Onto other news, it’s bug season now in Florida, which can be truly bugging. Hoping to spend some time on the beach this weekend, with yours truly and some DSLR action.

Do you click a photo using your phone? Or are you a point-and-shoot person?

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