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January 2011

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What we saw in New York City

January 26, 2011 Travels

… was a lot! I literally have thousands of click and finding it difficult to blog about EVERYTHING. So please expect another one of two more post on NYC & Washington DC. And oh, if you want to read our FOODIE adventures click and for PHOTOGRAPHY click I almost went with a Wordless […]

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Lunching & Sipping

January 21, 2011 Family & Friends

We live in North-West of Orlando, where we are often left complaining of our limited dining options and disappointing menus. Don’t get me wrong, no doubt the location and neighborhood is one of the best location to live in Florida, we find it difficult to enjoy outing as much as we should. Not till recently, […]

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January 18, 2011 Family & Friends

I am a little overdue with these posts – Oopss… No regrets as I have a policy – when I am surrounded with loved ones, I try to disconnect myself from blogging and such. Precious moments spent with families and friends should be treasured as much as possible 🙂 But I hope you would enjoy […]

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Journey to New Jersey

January 12, 2011 Travels

Continuing from my previous post during our recent travels to New Jersey & New York City. We woke up bright and early, gobbled some breakfast and headed towards our destination – which was 650 miles away! That was many miles to cover and our plan was to make less pit stops for road site attraction.

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