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Travelogue Part 4 – Preggers!

by Kiran on December 10, 2010 · 3 comments

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Not me.


Time flies! Literally! Just remembered that I did not post the remaining travelogues from all the traveling I did earlier this year. Ooppss! Guess its never too late 🙂

Where was I? Ok. Talking about Malaysia. So, after a’Famosa resort in Malacca, we drove home to prepare a surprise baby shower for my beloved sister J.

Isn’t she a cutie little mommy to be at that time

My cousins worked day and night to help prepare for the party. It all started with a visit to my cousins apartment for evening tea. Or so my sister thought. We were on our way and it started raining. I received a text from my cousin reading “give us a few minutes, we are not ready!” Duh! I had to devise a plan to stall our arrival. I acted to have lost the way and drove around for a good 20 minutes. J looked pretty furious. She doesn’t like to be late. But a sister got to do what she got to do in order to throw the perfect surprise shower.

When we finally arrived, all of J’s closest friends and family were already there to surprised her with an amazing shower! And boy, she was so shocked! The reaction on her face was unforgettable 😀

Let the party begin 😉

Kiren & Kumar were the gracious host of the evening. They had an amazing spread of foods and local delicacies all of which was J’s favorites whilst growing up. Unfortunately, I was too caught up with everyone and manage to only capture these food shots. So much of food to choose from noodles, variety of English tarts, fruit tarts to cupcakes, sandwiches etc. Every morsel were s0 delicious 🙂

After helping ourselves with some food, it was game time. The boys departed to the pool. It was ladies time to party!

We played many games. All mommy related. The games were:

  1. Never say “baby”. Safety pins were placed on a string for each women at the party to wear as a necklace. Whenever someone says the word “baby” during the shower, any women who calls it out, gets a pin from the person stated the “baby” word. At the end of the baby shower, the person with most pins wins a prize!
  2. How many “baby” items can you name. Each person wrote down as many baby products as they can name within specified time. A gift goes to the person who gets the most baby products named!
  3. Name the “baby” movie trivia. With some cards prepared with titles of baby related movies, each person chosen from the team would draw it on a piece of paper and name-the-movie guessing game begins.
  4. Bottle races. Each person takes a baby bottle filled with liquid (in our case, it was juice) and suck the bottle as a baby would. The person who drinks the most in a specified time wins a gift!

And the fifth game was so hilarious! It was a dancing game. Each of us had to grab a balloon, stuff in under our blouse to pretend and act as bunch of preggers! This is how I would look in the future *fingers crossed* 😉

And yes, literally mommy-baby related games 😉 Don’t laugh. It was fun!

Once the gents were allowed back home, we continued having fun by getting them involved in “bottle races” and dancing with a balloon game. I’ve never seen such obnoxious belly show ever in my life!

Dancing is part of any celebration in my family. It’s just natural.

Phew! What a journey. A fun one for sure. I am missing everyone so much. Now, this was not the only baby shower I attended this year. We hosted one here in Orlando a few months ago. Have fun reading the recap.

Have you ever organized baby shower with such games? What other games would you recommend?

Part 5 coming up, stay tuned!

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1 Aathira December 13, 2010 at 5:39 AM

Never attended or planned a baby shower 🙁

Looks like so much fun.
Aathira recently posted..Eons later

2 Kiran December 21, 2010 at 4:49 PM

Aww.. Not to worry, I am sure there would be opportunity in the future 😉

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