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Bubbling foot spa

by Kiran on June 2, 2010 · 8 comments

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Juggling life in overseas, all alone without family, can be daunting. It takes time to adjust into new circle of friends, surroundings and way of life. Self-sufficiency is key here and with summer upon us here in Florida, it’s blisteringly hot! Just running around the town to complete errands is a sigh these days. Self-pampering is also very costly. But I’ve found a home remedy for aching feet :)

Ignore my huge feet. It's daunting, I know ;)

I love my Bubbling Foot Spa. It’s so economical and relaxing. It claims to generate thousands of massaging bubbles to invigorate tired feet. Thousands or less, this baby is a keeper :) With the built-in splash guard that keeps water inside the spa, there is no way I want to spend boring time in my bathroom. I did the spa in my living room while listening to soothing music. With soothing heat for aching feet and four removable massaging rollers, I could hear angels praising from heaven. Hmm…

Organics, the good stuff!

I recommend using sea salt soak for your foot spa. Especially if you have tired and sore feet like mine. I don’t know why my feet just balloons in the summer. Too much of walking in comfy sandals I guess. Personally, I love Organics, by Noah’s Naturals. It contains certified organic ingredients such as sea salt and my favorite, lavender. The scent is wonderfully relaxing and soothing. Always go for a mild scent for your spa. You won’t be able to relax if the scent is too bold. After a good 15 minutes at home foot spa , your feet would look and feel so soft and rejuvenated without paying big $$$ in the nail salon. In this declining economy, one can still enjoy home remedy perks right?

Get your feet nice and pretty for the summer :)


The author has no affiliation with the label, whether in the form of gratuity or ad revenue. Noah’s Naturals has no idea who Chatterbox is. I wrote this product review because I use and love them myself. And because I love ya. Over and out.

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