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Travelogue Part 1 – The beginning

by Kiran on July 27, 2009

in Travels

Gosh! OMG! How? When? Where? and definitely, how much?

We stared in disbelief’s as me and hubby begin our travel arrangements months before. Planning flight tickets, dates, routes and many more was a huge migraine. Not to forget, the luggage nightmare! Endless packing and unpacking. But we did it! Enjoyed our vacation and now I am back with loads of experience and pictures to share.

February 16th 2009. My first flight out of Florida!

Route: Orlando-Memphis-Amsterdam.

Heart sank leaving hubby behind. With 2 large luggage checked in, I had a laptop carry on and a packed handbag. I went through security check-in and it “beeped”! Sigh! I was searched thoroughly by a security officer. Bummer! Then, she found the problem. It was my blackberry snugged in my jeans back pocket. What can I say? I am not a frequent flier 😉 I was cleared by security and proceeded gathering my unpack handbag, laptop and shoes that went through the security belt. Gosh, I was tired already by this time. I rushed towards the gate for my flight. I thought of lunging my laptop and handbag into a trashcan. But I recalled it holds my passport, boarding pass, travel itinerary, medicines, handy cam and many essential items. Ladies, can we ever pack lightly?

As I arrived at the gate, it was almost boarding time. I said my goodbye’s to dear hubby in the hopes of meeting him soon. The flight from Orlando to Memphis was packed and unfriendly. I have never in my life experience such rudeness from flight attendants. Ever. As I made my way towards my Economy class seat, I was having trouble looking for space at my seat over-head compartment. It was all taken. I was looking around for assistance to help me look for an empty compartment where I can safely secure my laptop carry-on. A NorthWest Airlines flight attendant looked at me and assumed that I wanted her to lift my bag and lunge it into the compartment. With an annoyance to her voice, she refused to help me lift my bag 😀 She claims that it was her chiropractor’s order not to lift any weight and destroy her back or posture! Huh! I was so angry! Hello Maam, my sister was also a flight attendant. So, please stop lecturing me on what you can or can’t do and pay attention to my question. I was requesting help in locating an empty over-head compartment and not lifting of my luggage. You fool! I just sneered and another passenger helped me. Civilians are kinder and dependable. Often.

Ok, to cut the story short (in order to avoid boredom) I arrived at Memphis, Tennessee airport just in time for my connecting flight to Amsterdam. Thankfully, the flight was pleasant though I could not sleep 🙂 It’s not always a happy ending, don’t you agree?

Part 2 coming up, stay tuned!

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