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Beautiful, joy and peaceful

by Kiran on December 10, 2008 · 7 comments

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The sky is clear! I could hear birds chirping happily. It must sense the freshness in the air. Beautiful, joy and peaceful surroundings. The garden has bloomed with much happy results! Since it is also the beginning  of winter, the Red Maple tree in particular, blossomed with red and yellow leaves. I am hopeful that the beauty would linger on as season’s change.

*Kiran snaps out from a momentarily disjointed vision*

It is still winter… But?

Now, now.. wait a second? I rushed out of the house and I scanned around for confirmation. The sky isn’t clear, it’s as gloomy as yesterday! The construction is clearly not over, so what’s up with beautiful, joy and peaceful? Where are “they“?

Endless, mindless construction

Endless, mindless construction

Unfortunately, the sights did not last long. Neither did the Red Maple tree. I feel like a train wreck as I examine my beautiful, now bald, Maple Tree (the before and after pictures as shown) *sobs*! Even my green pastures are no longer green, sigh!


Before and after :(

But there is always HOPE.

Weather is gloomy. Sun is playing hide-and-seek between clouds for a few days now. But as I took my casual stroll equipped with a camera, I watched and gulped as I realized everything around me gave a sudden sense of easement and security. I started appreciating even the minute details. Suddenly, I sense a change. The sun rays shooting out from the sky and through the trees. And I know this is where I have found beauty. Duck’s are swimming happily in and around the pond. And I know this is where I found joy. The sounds of birds chirping, almost swallows the construction noises. And I know this is where I found peace. We some times get caught up at moments in life where we stop appreciating even the smallest blessings. Recalling memories in which Ma used to threaten if I did not finish eating my meals. She would talk about the poor and unfortunates that could barely go by a day with 1 meal. I do feel guilty till date. And here I am sitting and complaining about my surroundings. Well, I guess I am learning how to find and see beautiful, joy and peace in matters that bothers me. Cribbing is genetic, so I guess even if I try, I won’t be able to rid it 😉

Beautiful. Joy, Peace and HOPE

Beautiful. Joy, Peace and HOPE

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